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The Chamber Choir is comprised of a selected group of singers who have attained a high level of accomplishment and choral performance excellence. Performances include GCC’s Winter and Spring concerts; additional concerts in the local area; and participation in local, national, and international festivals and tours. This choir has participated in festivals in Maryland, Oregon, Hawaii, Vermont, New Orleans, Italy, Austria and Taiwan.  Rehearsals focus on exploring complex and challenging repertoire for mixed, male & female voices. Weekly rehearsals are as follows.

MIXED CHOIR - Weekly rehearsals are 1 ¾ hours long.

BOYS CHAMBER CHOIR -   Weekly rehearsals are 45 minutes long. Rehearsals focus on developing their range and exploring repertoire for the male voice.

GIRLS CHAMBER CHOIR -  Weekly rehearsals are 45 minutes long. Private vocal coaching is also provided to develop a mature and healthy sound. Rehearsals focus on exploring challenging repertoire and developing a beautiful blended sound.